Digital Brand Romance is definitely challenging, deceptively simple and surprisingly practical. It doesn’t just present the solution to your problems, it will help you find better problems to solve.
— Ben Kraal, Director of Experience Design, Symplicit
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As humans, we form relationships in predictable ways. The natural arc of how each relationship evolves from stranger to brand lover follows a pattern marked by six key milestones.
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About Digital Brand Romance

Tomorrow arrived, and all great relationships now begin online— including the ones between your future customer and your brand. Whether you are selling shoes, software, or spaceship parts, the romance begins and evolves in a digital world. While over 80 percent of businesses think they provide excellent customer experiences only 8 percent of cus- tomers agree. The reality is that the state of modern, digital brand rela- tionships is quite dysfunctional: an average conversion rate of 3 percent means that 97 percent of engagements with your brand fail. Not only does this inefficiency chew up marketing budget but it also taints future engagements with your brand.... read more

In Digital Brand Romance, you will learn the proprietary six-step ADORE processTM that has helped brands worldwide consistently achieve conversion rates above 20 percent. The ADORE processTM is used by some of the most innovative scaleups, fast-growth exporters, and leading brands to consistently sell more, more often. Each step of the ADORE processTM aligns with one of the key moments of influence in the digital relationship with your brand. Understanding the forces that drive each moment will allow you to identify signs of relationship breakdown; com- mon causes of issues and how to resolve them; and which metrics to track to measure progress. You will also learn how to apply the process to con- duct regular digital relationship audits, removing your reliance on luck in the future success of your brand.

Digital Brand Romance is highly practical and offers tactical, helpful advice to apply in your business immediately.

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