RAMMP’s proprietary formula builds digital trust

RAMMP is built on the patented proprietary ADORE ProcessTM, a research based formula for improving relationships and building digital trust between buyers and brands

rammp build digital trust
I’ve seen first-hand on multiple occasions how companies immediately benefit from applying the ADORE ProcessTM. It is proven and repeatable… a must have for any organization with a web presence.

Greg Harrison, ‘ex-NZTE’ commercial SaaS advisor

How does it work?

Start with a snapshot of your baseline marketing metrics. This gives RAMMP a starting point from which to measure progress over time
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RAMMP applies the patented ADORE ProcessTM to your metrics and provides an instant analysis of your website’s conversion power


The arrival
The moment that a site visitor lands on your website - the inception point of the relationships with your brand
The first impression
You have at most 10 seconds to make the right first impression. This is your one chance to get it right
The first date
Bring the best! Unfold your story in the right way to engage, and get the site visitor interested enough to want to know more. This is not the time to tell them your brand’s whole life story
The honeymoon
A critical moment of commitment and intent. By signing-up, your site visitor is signalling that they are interested
The reality
Can you deliver on the promises made? The most expensive milestone to lose a potential customer, and often the easiest to fix. Losses here steal from your future business success
The moment of truth
The ultimate litmus test. Did you deliver value? Did you encourage an upgrade at the ideal moment of desire and need?
Instant guidance
Use the report to guide improvements to your website: RAMMP will show you what to do next to maximise your marketing spend
Check in monthly to measure your progress, get early warning of changes in the competitive landscape and easily identify opportunities to generate more value to your customer accounts
RAMMP uses your marketing metrics to identify the milestones where your brand-buyer relationship may be breaking down and guides you on how to improve the conversion power of your website
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Instrumental in helping a number of my technology companies to transform the performance of their websites by optimising the customer journey. The RAMMP methodology is a proven, repeatable process that can be applied quickly and delivers fast results.

Chris Ridd, SaaS Business Advisor

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Your conversion rate is 1%. To reach your revenue target, you can increase your traffic to 80000 visitors per month at a cost of $80000 per month or RAMMP your website to achieve your revenue targets without increasing your marketing spend.

Read Digital Brand Romance to learn more about how the ADORE ProcessTM builds digital trust

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A comprehensive, original, concise, practical, and well-crafted book and companion on-line course covering the whole gamut of digital marketing techniques to get clients, keep them engaged and build relationships. Remove your reliance on luck!
Alexander Manu, Senior Partner and Chief Imaginator at Innospa International Partners
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