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Over the last two years, we have systematically generated results that outperform industry standards. Want 600% increase in qualified leads (with no additional marketing spend)? Would a 54% increase in return visitors impact your downstream conversion rates? And what if you could uplift your 0.7% conversion rates to 6.2%?

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Flexible plans that scale with your agency

Plans are payable annually, with typical paybacks within the first month.
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Basic plan
for one URL
Basic plan includes
Connect to Google Analytics
Receive briefs to engage agencies
Track monthly progress in dashboard
Download monthly summary report
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Pro plan
up to 5 URLs
Pro plan includes Basic plan plus:
Monitor up to 5 client URLs
Track performance accross portfolio
Download monthly client reports
Measure impact on CX relationships
Prioritise and triage work to be done
Extend the value of your typical client engagements
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Know exactly what to do next
Pay only when you need a relationship-killer audit to identify and fix your biggest conversion leaks


An uplift in revenue directly impacts your business valuation.

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This process is invaluable, it clearly helps you identify and prioritise where your most significant opportunities to improve conversion and engagement lie, and gives you a plan for getting there.

Richard McLeod, CEO LoadedReports

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will I need to hire more staff to use RAMMP?

You do not have to hire additional staff to use RAMMP - just the opposite. RAMMP has been designed to actually make it easy to use and interpret the metrics and data you are collecting. One of the things we are often told is that RAMMP allows existing staff, even junior or new staff, to apply strategic thinking using the guidance provided by RAMMP.

Q: Do I have the data I need to use RAMMP?

Absolutely. RAMMP uses basic website metrics, which you are already collecting using Google Analytics, plus a few extra metrics (such as your target revenue for the month) which you will have on hand. If you are unsure about a particular metric, for example, how many users are still engaged 48 hours after sign-on, simply provide a good guesstimate.

Q: Do I need a Marketing degree to use RAMMP?

You do not have to be a marketing specialist to benefit from RAMMP. We have designed RAMMP from the outset to be used by business owners and teams which do not yet have in-house and dedicated marketing capabilities. If you are a business owner, product manager or run an agency that services brands, you already have what you need to be served by RAMMP. Once you start running reports, you can always extend what you know with video resources and case studies which can be accessed from your RAMMP dashboard.

Q: Can I change my subscription at any time?

In order to reduce administration fees, RAMMP subscriptions are billed annually. If you need to upgrade or downgrade your subscription during the course of the year, simply self-serve in the app or email our support team at We value your trust and support, and strive to respond to all enquiries within 24-48 hours.